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Cleaning Up Our Messes

Brittany slept fitfully throughout the night, tossing and turning in Santana’s arms. Her mind was filled with nightmares but more often than naught they were about bad things happening to Santana instead of herself. After a particularly¬†bad¬†dream, she woke up sweating, her skin clammy and heart racing. She glanced at Santana who was sleeping soundly and felt a twinge of guilt. Every time she’d woken up before, Santana had been there to soothe her back to sleep. She decided to let her sleep and got out of bed, peeling off the sweaty shirt and patting her body down with a cool washcloth. She didn’t bother putting a shirt back on, not wanting to get another one dirty when it was so close to morning.

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    Brittany smiled sweetly at Santana and kissed her forehead. “I like your pretty face too. And I love you too. So so...
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    Santana hummed softly and burrowed her way into Brittany’s arms. “I’m going to sleep! Stop rushing me. I like to look at...